A Message of Hope


TIWGAI was created by Joe Scott one of the owners of a multi-million dollar travel business located in Toronto Canada. As a 35 year industry veteran he has experienced a multitude of global travel crisis’ including SARS, H1 N1, September 11 (9-11) and a host of other calamities. Never in his thirty five plus years in the business had he seen anything that has impacted his industry as significantly as the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter of weeks the entire industry essentially came to a standstill. The economic impact on the Travel and Tourism workers has been both immediate and catastrophic. He wanted to create a revenue generating opportunity for all travel companies and industry personnel that are currently laid off, unemployed or otherwise economically challenged due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, and in addition provide charitable funding for frontline healthcare workers.



Through FlattentheCurveshirts sales, assist travel companies and industry personnel worldwide to generate income over the term of the COVID-19 pandemic. To further support frontline healthcare workers by making charitable funding available for vital equipment and PPEs.